Hélène Landemore’s Democratic Reason concludes that an inclusive representative democracy coupled with a well-functioning technocracy. on the idea of collective intelligence. It pres- ents arguments supporting the collective in- telligence of the people, which Landemore calls “Democratic Reason”. Landemore, Helene E., Democratic Reason: The Mechanisms of Collective Intelligence in Politics (April 1, ). COLLECTIVE WISDOM.

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Democracy, Political Equality, and Majority Rule. Two Concepts of Order: Talking it out with others vs. When applied to deliberative assemblies of representatives, where there is an upper limit to the number of people that can be included in the group, the argument translates into a defense of a specific selection mode of participants: The paper hypothesizes that two main democratic mechanisms—the practice of inclusive deliberation This article examines the demographic characteristics, motivations, and expectations of participants in a crowdsourced off-road traffic law reform in Finland.

Thomas Christiano – landemote Oxford University Press. While dfmocratic paper does not ambition to settle the issue of workplace democracy at once, our goal is to pave the way for a more in-depth study of the ways in which firms and states can be compared and the possible implications this may have for our understanding of the nature of managerial authority and the governance of firms. Five design principles for crowdsourced policy-making: Understanding the successes and failures of deliberation more.

Are Larger Groups Really Smarter?

Democratic Reason

Some implications of the argumentative theory of reasoning for deliberative democracy. Entrevista com Bernard Manin e Nadia Urbinati more.

In defense of workplace democracy: The Constitution of Equality: Landekore studying at the Ecole Normale This paper argues that a new psychological theory—the argumentative theory of reasoning—provides theoretical support for the discursive, dialogical ideal of democratic deliberation.


This article analyzes the design of the crowdsourced off-road traffic law experiment in Finland using the five principles described above and provides a future research agenda for examining design aspects in crowdsourced policymaking. Beyond the rdason of disagreement? Principles and Mechanisms0.

A review of Landemore’s Democratic Reason | Equality by lot

Ingham – landemmore Politics, Philosophy and Economics 12 2: It converges, in democratix, with deliberative democrats’ predictions about the positive epistemic properties of talking things out with others.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The paper further considers two influential objections to democratic deliberation. Deliberation, cognitive diversity, and democratic inclusiveness: Remember me on this computer. Two of these drafts were written by 7 government experts; the third one was written by a group of 25 lay-citizens, who further crowdsourced their successive drafts to the larger public.

Assessing the constitutional proposal in the Icelandic experiment more. The Politics of Getting It Right. This paper takes stock of a recent but growing movement within the field of deliberative democracy, which normatively argues for the epistemic dimension of democratic authority and positively defends the truth-tracking properties of democratic procedures.

The idea is to evaluate the quality of a constitution, prior to its implementation, by reference to ex-ante, substantive criteria that are both sufficiently demanding and realistic in terms of what is feasible at any given time.

Deliberation Within and the Law of Group Polarization more. Democratic experiments in Iceland evoked international interest, in particular, the work of the Constitutional Council, which in the period from April to July of wrote a complete draft of a new Constitution for Iceland and submitted it to Parliament as a constitutional bill. The essay gestures instead towards a non-electoral form of democracy that would structurally encourage open rather than closed-mindedness and thus fully harness the benefits of diversity.


New citations to this author. The paper argues that this new theory—the argumentative theory of reasoning—provides theoretical support for the discursive, dialogical ideal of democratic deliberation. Get my own profile Cited demofratic All Since Citations h-index 17 17 iindex 26 Answers to critics H Landemore Critical Review 26, Democratic Reason refers to the collective political intelligence of the many, which in turn is reaosn function of individual epistemic competence and the cognitive diversity of the group.

Deliberation, cognitive diversity, and democratic inclusiveness: This essay argues that this disposition cannot be properly cultivated in an institutional context—electoral or party democracy— which thrives on and encourages the exact opposite virtue, namely partisanship.

Democratic Reason

DemocracyIcelandConstitution Makingand Participatory constitution-making. Sign in Create an account. An Epistemic Defense of Democracy: On minimal deliberation, partisan activism, and teaching people how to disagree H Landemore Critical Review 25 2, How To Make Democracy Smarter: Forthcoming with Journal of Political Philosophy.

Though a minority, the women participating in the process produced more ideas than the men. Iceland in Crisis and Recovery] more. Princeton University Press, more. Problem solving, prediction, and positive dissensus more. The motivations driving the participation were in part similar to those observed in traditional democratic processes, such as elections as well as other online collaborations such as reson journalism and citizen science. DemocracyEeason Representationand Representative Democracy.

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