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Only functions featured on the original remote control are available. If the light flashes once for an extended period, the code has not been entered properly or the wrong code has been entered.

One or more four-figure codes are shown for each brand. Gaarancyjna installing the remote control you can operate a maximum of 2 different appliances with it: The green indicator light will now flash twice. Electric Shaver’s that are purchased and meet or exceed expectations usually share the trait of good Performance.

Keys and functions The illustration on page 3 gives an overview of all keys and their functions.

The RU will then search for a code that perhaps works better. The RU has now found a code that works on your TV.

To add a product select a category below or simply search by model number. Search for your Acme Incorporated product by entering the model number in the search bar above, or use the categories below to find your item. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. How hard is this Electric Shaver to operate? Start again from step 2.


Tune to channel 1. It is possible that you must enter another code for the device. Most Electric Shaver owners intend to keep their Electric Shaver in good working condition. If the TV responds to all of the key commands, the RU is ready for use.

Philips SBC RU Universal Remote User Manual |

Slide the cover back and click it firmly into place. You came to the right place. Each time a code is sent, the green indicator light flashes.

When it comes to products, Reliability rates high in importance. Point the RU at the TV and check that it responds karts it should. Looking for the manual for a product you purchased at Acme Incorporated or researching before buying?

When pressed at the same time as a second key, the second key will get another function.

TV 24″ LED Manta 24LFN37L (FHD)

Make sure you use the codes from the correct table. Automatic programming of a TV takes a karya of 8 minutes. Do not forget to note your code. Just add the manual for your Acme Incorporated product to your collection, and access it anytime. Testing the remote control The remote control has been programmed to operate most Philips appliances.

The example below TV instructs you how to do this.

sharp sharp lc 22 le 320 e

If purchased, would tons of time be lost trying to figure out how it works? Note the first code. How will your Electric Shaver hold up over time and withstand the wear and tear of constant or long-term use?


Feeling that a product was worth gwarancyjan purchase because it does everything you expected, and does it well, is a clear indicator of a product that truly performs. Tune in to channel 1. If the TV responds as it should to all of the key commands the RU is ready for use. Because the RU may use different signals for each make and even for different models of the same make, it is advisable to test whether your appliance responds to the RU Tired of losing your support information? Installing the remote control Inserting the batteries 1 Press the cover inwards and slide it in the 2 3 direction of the arrow.

Knowing up front if the Maintenance or repair of a product is easy or difficult can have a profound impact on your decision to make a purchase. Ease of Use 1. Simply put, Ease of Use is a measure of how easy a product gwarancyjan to use. Return to Acme Incorporated.