Aceración con Hornos Básicos de Oxígeno La refinación del arrabio en el proceso BOF o aceración al oxígeno se lleva a cabo en un recipiente que asemeja. Horno Básico de OxígenoUNIDAD 6 Horno Siemens Martin. Convertidor de Soplado Nariz (N) Lanza de Oxigeno (L) Cintur. The basic oxygen furnace (BOF), whose profile is shown in the figure, is a tiltable vessel lined with refractories such as magnesia carbon brick. Auxiliary.

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A rule of thumb is 6 X the weight of Si charged. Obsolete scrap may contain a variety of other objects which could be hazardous or explosive.

If the zinc content is low enough, it can be recycled to the blast furnace or BOF vessel after briquetting or pelletizing. This process is known as “slag splashing”. Fuentes, Hervey Zamora G. Near the end of a campaign, gunning with refractory materials in high wear areas may also be necessary.

All of which makes the purchase and melting of scrap a very complex issue.

Oxygen consumption increases if end-point control is poor and reblows are necessary. Since these elements cannot be oxidized from the steel, their content in the final product can only be reduced by dilution with very high purity scrap or hot metal. Static charge models however do not ensure consistent turndown at the specified carbon and temperature because the hot metal analysis and metallic charge weights are hof known precisely.

He developed basic linings produced from tar-bonded dolomite bricks. However, operation of sublances is costly, and the required information is not always obtained due to malfunctioning of the sensors.


Through this lance, oxygen of greater than The penetration of slag yorno metal between the refractory grains, mechanical erosion by liquid movement, and chemical attack by slags all contribute to loss of lining material.

The iron oxide, FeO, content of the bath increases with blowing time especially as the carbon in the steel falls below 0.

Horno de Oxígeno Básico (HOB) by Carlos Chan on Prezi

Fumes and kish graphite flakes from the carbon saturated hot metal are emitted from the vessel’s mouth and collected by the pollution control system.

There were also acrimonious legal actions over patent rights to the process and the supersonic lance design, which was now multihole rather than single hole. A control pulpit is usually located between the vessels.

A very high percentage of refractory materials are being produced off shore, with China oxibeno the most significant newcomer. Cans return to the market very quickly but autos have an average life of 12 years. The sulfur level from the blast furnace can be 0.

Contratista EPC 5-150 t básica oxígeno industrial horno fusorio BOF

This rate of production made the process compatible with the continuous casting of slabs, which in turn had an enormous beneficial impact on yields from crude steel to shipped product, and on downstream flat-rolled quality. Suppressed combustion systems offer the potential for recovery of energy, a practice that is more prevalent in Europe and Japan. Improved Integrated Steel Plant Productivity. Since the BOS process increases productivity by almost an order of magnitude, generally only two BOFs were required to oxigdno a dozen open hearth furnaces.


The post combustion of carbon monoxide as it exits the vessel also transmits heat back to the bath.

Proceso de oxigeno básico by carlos diaz on Prezi

In the past, this meant delays for reblowing or adding coolants. William Kelly was awarded the original U. BOF heat sizes in the U. If the oxygen is lower in purity, nitrogen levels at tap become unacceptable. NTHM one short ton or pounds of hot metal.

The amount of lime basicco depends on the Si content of the hot metal.

These were eroded to form a basic slag that absorbed phosphorus and sulfur, although bawico amounts remained high by modern standards. A ton BOF today needs about 20 tons of pure oxygen every 40 minutes. This saturates the slag with MgO, thus reducing chemical erosion of the MgO vessel lining.

Charging takes a couple of minutes. Because lime in steel slag absorbs moisture and expands on weathering, its use as an aggregate material is limited, but other commercial uses are hodno developed to minimize the amount that must be disposed.

The rate of solution of a refractory by the slag is dependent on its properties.