Why Limit Yourself? It’s part of what you sign up for with a point-based game like GURPS, but nobody likes to be forced to omit part of a nifty character concept. Although the title seems counterintuitive this is perhaps the most usefull of the Power-Ups Line. Often when translating an ability from fiction or. GURPS Power-Ups 8: Limitations previously at faq/FAQhtml#SS How do you apply enhancements and limitations to a .

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When usingrapid fire against close stationary targets see p. Another way to make people look crazy! Limitations is here tohelp raise those questions, flesh out your adven-turer, and save you some points while doing so.

The only downside is that you dont control your abilityafter activation. Magnetic limitation, 15, New supplements and adventures. He follows thefour steps. Look foreach themed issue from Warehouse 23! Do so successively, rounding up to thenearest point after applying each one. The GM may rule that such attacks simply dontwork underwater or in other environments where blood wouldbe diluted or washed away.

If a player insists, I want the potential to use aninternal mouth as a character point-powered alternative abil-ity to gueps Payload, its up to the GM whether to humor himor retain sanity by running away. It helps to think of this asproviding a number of slots, each of which can powfr filled withone of the alternative abilities. See Making Things Burn p.

GURPS 4E – Power-Ups 8 – Limitations

Because of the effect this can have on game bal-ance, even if the GM allows Cosmic to be used freely, he maywish to disallow certain combinations of Cosmic. Wednesday, August 24, Review: It gurpe your ability switch itself on under attack if a defense,in the presence of something interesting if a sense withouta Ready or Concentrate maneuver.


When such a combination comesup, just multiply the percentage values of both limitationstogether to find the fair value. Touch-Based limitation, 17; Reversed, Avoiding drawbacks Your ability is not subject to some type of built-in restric-tion. Because of this, even an expe-rienced GM can benefit from some guidance and advice intheir use, along with a few tricks to simplify things.

Failure means you give in for at least 10 min-utes.

GURPS 4e – Power Ups 4 – Enhancements.pdf

If your target possesses an ability that aids his resist-ance e. He can choose when buying theability whether to affect guprs unknown targets.

Both the advantage and the enhancement must come inlevels.

Either Guided or Homing. She can strike with ST 27, which gives her 3d-1 thrust damage. The above version of Affects Others is for movement abili-ties e.

ST-Based is incompatible with any modi-fiers that dont suit a muscle-powered attack. Follow the complete Dungeon Fantasy line for even more dungeon-crawling fun. Good examples include Luck used on rolls the GM makesfor you and on enemy attacks against youMagic Resistance if magic exists and is a common threat! Success meansthat person is blessed; note the margin of success.

At the beginning of each turn, as a free action, you mustchoose which of the enhancements is being used for sim-plicity, establish a default setting with the GM, and thenlet him know whenever you switch it.

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Power-Ups

Terminal Condition limitation, Your hands and to a lesser degree, therest of your body must be free to move about. Granter GroupsWhat if you want a swarm of drones rather than just one? For example, he may create two dozen newabilities for a Holy power, where half are auras of power thatshare many modifiers.

The effects and value depend on theunderlying advantage: Destructive Parry enhancement, Please purchase only authorized electronic editions, and do not participate in or encouragethe electronic piracy of copyrighted materials.


List the damage you can do for eachmode of weapon use,including the amount and the damage type. Might check it out sometime soon regardless, in case it finds use somewhere else Time-Spanning VariableYour ability works across time. Scratching for onefull second relieves the itch, but he can gurpe nothing elsewhile scratching; this requires a Do Nothing maneuver incombat.

For example, with a resultof 3, your enhancement is at full strength for level 1, at -3for level 2, at -6 for level 3, and so on. In this case, temporary means the disadvan-tage is irrelevant after it causes the advantage to fail. Enhancements can befound at gurps. Your target gets no active defense against your attack, no mat-ter how fast or skilled he is. Page references thatbegin with B refer to that book, not this one. You may also use abil-ities like Power Blow p.

Ignore powwer such as the angle of inci-dence and the DR and Grups of the surfaces; allthat matters is that they are convincinglyhard. When using this limitation, the hordes density is whatmatters.

Some degrees list twoequally limiting effects; you must choose which alternativeapplies when adding this limitation. List the fragmentationdamage and type after the attacksbasic damage, in brackets e. Just because something is built legally doesnt mean the GMhas to allow it in his campaign. Surf our site for the files you want. AP Ammo enhancement, Doing so increases your damage type by a step, but lowers yourarmor divisor by a step.