GE Environmental Science and Engineering Important Questions GE EVS Part B Important Questions common for all Departments GE GE ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING IMPORTANT 16 MARK QUESTIONS ANNA UNIVERSITY QUESTION BANK. GE GE Environmental Science and Engineering Two Mark With Answers 2 Mark Question with answer List the important causes of water conflicts?.

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The unwanted, unpleasant or disagreeable sound of high decibels which causes harmful effect on human health is called noise pollution. D Ge20211 amount of oxygen taken up by microorganisms that decompose organic waste matter in water is called B.

Addition of excess of imporant heat to water that makes it harmful to aquatic life is called thermal pollution. Define flood and cyclone? Watershed management is the process of creating and implementing plans, programs, and projects to sustain and enhance watershed functions 9. Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of Earth which causes more changes on the climate.

All forms of plant life that live in a particular geographic region at a particular time in history is called flora. Newer Post Older Post Home. The development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

The destruction of forest resources by many natural or man-made activities is called deforestation. Write any two examples for water conflicts?


What is value education? Classify air pollutants with suitable examples? Optical Communication and Networks Question Bank Species diversity refers to the variety of different types of living things on earth. Ozone hole is an area of the upper atmosphere where the ozone layer is absent or has become unusually thin. Laser Guided Door Opener. GE Computer Programming 4.

GE2021 Environmental Science & Engineering Notes | Syllabus | Question Bank | Important Questions

Differentiate recycling from reusing? The stable granular decayed material obtained in this process is called compost. If you are interested in continuing the operations by becoming a moderator, contact me immediately at admin eeecube.

Define photo chemical smog?

What are endangered species? If you are viewing this content from our Nokia App engineeribg, then click “See original story” to get the download link. What is hazardous waste? What is land degradation? Post a Comment Note: Ozone, photochemical smog etc. About EEEcube provides you access to several study resources that help you to excel in your Electrical and Electronics Engineering course.

What are Green house gases? Smog is mixture of smoke and fog containing particulates.

GE , GE Environmental Science and Engineering – NOTES ~ EEEcube

What is meant by point and non point pollution? The phenomenon whereby the earth’s atmosphere traps solar radiation, environental by the presence in the atmosphere of gases such environ,ental carbon dioxide, water vapor, and methane that allow incoming sunlight to pass through but absorb heat radiated back from the earth’s surface. A rapid increase in the size of a population caused by a sudden decrease in death rate or an increase in birth rate is called population explosion.


What is environmental ethics?

What is red data book? The gradual process of envrionmental in an ecosystem b rought about by the progressive replacement of one community b y another in a definite order until a stable community is established ove r a period of time. A pyramid-shaped diagram representing quantitatively the numbers of organisms, energy relationships, and biomass of an ecosystem; 5.

Anna University rules for University Examination. An ecosystem can be defined as an area with in the natural environment consisting of community of living beings and the physical environment, both interacting and exchanging materials between them.

Automatic Temperature Controlled Fan. What do you mean by desertification? Only a member of this blog may post a comment. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. What is flora and fauna? Genetic diversity refers to bio diversity due to genetic variation with in each species. D— Chemical Oxygen Demand B. What is doubling time? E Civil 5th Semester Question Conflict between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu for Kaveri river 2.

Value education is an education which teaches: State the role and responsibility of an individual in the prevention of pollution?