Gaspipe has ratings and 62 reviews. Opiated said: This book should have been titled Gaspipe: Delusions of a Mafia Boss. That is how it reads. This is. It’s one the of country’s most high-profile, unsolved crimes — what happened to union boss Jimmy Hoffa? Anthony “Gaspipe” Casso, the former. One of the most dangerous, intriguing Mafia chieftains ever, Anthony “Gaspipe” Casso served as an apprentice thief and killer before rising to.

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Dec 23, Alyssa rated it it was ok Shelves: For example, there was a reference to an event that was never described beyond that reference. Trump says federal employees want the wall.

Jul 10, George rated it really liked it Shelves: It’s obvious that this book was written piecemeal with minimal editing and then combined. While he doesn’t make apologies for Casso’s nonsense, he does largely portray him as a victim of circumstances and environment. And man, some of the assumptions he makes to try to fill in the characters of the peo h my god, I am still unsure why I read this the whole way through.

That literary perfume is never going to make Casso smell better. Confessions of a Mafia Boss,” including who he thinks was behind Hoffa’s infamous demise.

As it is, though, this story feels unfinished. South Brooklyn was home to a large Italian community, and mafiosi inevitably set up shop and took deep roots here. A year of disruption: A fascinating, confessilns biography written by one of my favourite crime authors: Maybe it would have worked better if it was a novella, because with oof number of times that certain facts were repeated over and over again makes me think that there simply wasn’t enough material there to make an entire book.

One of the great myths of organized crime of any kind is the profoundly misplaced notion that criminals like Casso possess virtues that govern their behaviors to ordinary citizens. And just a note – I rated four stars, but if I could have I probably would have rated three and a half.


Feels he got screwed. As mentioned in another review, there are a lot of repetitive phrases along the lines of ‘Anthony loved his wife dearly’ and it makes you wonder whether Casso himself had some input on how he was portrayed in the book as there is certainly a sense of bias at some stages.

Ultimately they decimated the competition for the lucrative underworld enterprises—vice, bootlegging and gambling, shylocking and hijacking, prostitution and racketeering. I liked the book because it talked about how he grew up. Carlo clearly couldn’t be bothered to get different perspectives on Casso’s life from reputable sources, which makes it hard to take this book seriously. At times, the author, who publicly admitted that Casso was a psychopath, seems to want us to believe that Casso was a good guy who, like most Italian Americans love their families; how good he looked in tailored suits and shoes hand made from Italian leather; that he could afford by spending stolen money, presumably the best medical and legal talent around, whatever that means; and how he always kept his promises, except when which the author overlooks when he didn’t.

He ended up getting screwed by the government on his plea deal which I find pretty funny and he is set to spend the rest of his life in prison. Whether it due to being Casso’s version of events, or whether Carlo allowed his obvious liking of, and respect and admiration for Casso to influence him, Casso is written of in a completely different way to his peers. Trump to US troops during 1st visit to combat zone.

Gaspipe: Confessions of a Mafia Boss by Philip Carlo

The FBI’s reluctance to accept Casso’s claims that Gravano was a drug dealer looks pretty foolish in light of Gravano’s later conviction for running a meth ring out of the witness protection gaspioe. He described him as the “best shot” or biggest money earner in the mob. He ended up getting screwed by the government on his plea deal which I find pretty funny and he Another stroke job book written by a mobster who tries to save his own ass by ratting on his associates.


Trump’s wall pledge may not get expected results. I did not enjoy as much as Iceman and this had a far different feel. Apr 24, Russell rated it it was ok.

Which is not true at all. New laws are putting California further at odds with Trump. Elia Kazan’s immortal On the Waterfront was an in-depth study of the Confesssions York harbor docks, the stranglehold the Mafia had on the confsssions. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Anthony “Gaspipe” Casso, the former underboss of New York’s notorious Lucchese crime family, reveals shocking insider details about the inner workings of the Italian mafia to author Philip Carlo in “Gaspipe: I would put this between 3 and 4 stars.

If you are interested in the story of organized crime, or if you like true-crime reading, you will really like this book. There we also some glaring inaccuracies, stuff that should not have made it to print. Confessions of a Mafia Contract Killer, a few years ago, I was looking forward for more Philip Carlo’s writing, but it seems like he is one hit wonder with The Ice Man. In the end, however, the Sicilians managed to outsmart, outwit, and outmurder their tormentors.

Excerpt: ‘Gaspipe: Confessions of a Mafia Boss’

Casso seems pretty delusional, and this is told largely from his perspective. They were confessuons, for instance, allowed in trade unions; they were outright shunned by American society.

A standover man and gun for hire he works his way to the top where life should be sweet. The other is that the author used to live next door to Casso and lets him tell his point of view without really questioning it.

Trump says concrete gasppe wall was ‘never abandoned,’ contradicting Kelly’s comments. After reading The Ice Man: That’s way too much.