Using indices created with six subsets of hedge fund data (small, medium, large, young, mid-age and older funds, Katarzyna Perez. Fundusze hedgingowe a stabilność finansowa. Warszawa: Difin. Perez, K. () . Fundusze Hedge. Istota, strategie, potencjał rynku. Warszawa: C.H. Beck. Artykuł traktuje o wynikach inwestycyjnych funduszy hedge i czynnikach, które należy brać pod uwagę, analizując ich .. Perez K. (), Fundusze hedge.

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Imports of furs from animals caught in leghold traps and snares. Import of furs from animals caught in leghold traps and snares. Barbaric slaughter of wild mammals allowed by public lotteries or individual hunting licences in Bolzano province.

Barbaric practice of offering people the opportunity to kill wild mammals and birds through public lotteries in the Autonomous Province of Trento, Italy. Freedom of movement and taxation of EU citizens. New US military base in the province of Vicenza: The Czech Republic’s Food Pillory initiative — a best practice to disseminate. Harmonisation of disabled passes: Cybersecurity and metro and train ticket machines. Large technological and Internet companies and payment of tax.

Links between Internet content providers and the media. Noise pollution caused by mopeds. Shortcomings of the democratic system in Ukraine — follow-up question. Follow-up on competition issues in relation to petrol and diesel prices. UK Office of Fair Trading investigation into petrol and diesel pricing. Nuclear inspections prompted by problems at Doel 3. Preserving world cultural heritage monuments in Greece.

Unemployment among young people without qualifications. The United States Special Reports in relation to the single market. Repatriation of capital in Portugal.

Amounts owed by SMEs to the Greek state. Flight cancellation insurance in cases where an airline is insolvent. Damage to concrete structure at Tihange 2. Cross-border risks linked to the nuclear power stations in Tihange and Doel.


Information campaigns on milk quality. Anti-Semitic tendencies in the European Union. Decrease in cereal crop output in the EU. Energy efficiency within the policy framework. Moroccan gaoled for eating during Ramadan. Conflict of interest of credit rating agencies. Producers’ groups in central and eastern Europe. EU intervention for the legal protection of women and against the violation of personal freedom. Renegotiation of the protocol signed by the Commission with Mauritania and compensatory measures.

Towards a European Banking Union. Disposal of hazardous waste in the Porto Marghera area. EU refuses to put Hezbollah on the list of terrorist organisations. Discrimination at a camp site in Hungary. Manifesto in defence of culture: Stassen to the Commission. EU plans to make quotas for women mandatory. European tax on polluting aircraft emissions.

Court of Auditors’ report fundusae Commission officials. VAT — Restrictions on the entitlement to deduct — Movable business assets. Retroactive application of directives. Proposals by the Troika eroding worker protection and entitlements in Greece.

Incentives to work during retirement. Wild animals kept as pets in the European Union. Follow-up question on discrimination in the Pakistani school curriculum. Substantial delays in the payment of disability pensions and allowances in Greece. Measures to underpin economic recovery and sustainable welfare arrangements by combating undeclared work.

Over-indebtedness of households in the EU. European subsidies for wind energy. New definition of funding allocations under cohesion policy due to the accession peerz Croatia as an EU Member State Degradation of the quality of water in Lake Vico.

Construction of a fibre-optic network in Mazowieckie region. Mobile phone application to help cope with Alzheimer’s. Lack of water for locals in the poorest countries, but plenty for tourists.

Disability as a resource rather than a limitation. Support necessary for municipal nurseries and day centres in Greece. The stricken hedbe ship MSC Flaminia. Foals bred with aid of EU subsidies and slaughtered for consumption as meat.

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Christian communities in the Middle East and Syria. Young people in uninsured forms of employment. Implementation of recommendations regarding measures to combat corruption in Greece. Public transport fare comparisons between Member States.



Demographic catastrophe facing European economy and culture. Tsoukalas to the Commission. Funduse agreements on banking secrecy between Member States and Switzerland. Fraud in connection with Internet sales.

EUR-Lex – CE:FULL – EN – EUR-Lex

Settlement of small consumer claims. Measures to combat public transport fare evasion and social measures. Provision of state aid to the Monte dei Paschi di Siena bank.

Violence against women in the Maldives. Presence of asbestos in Chinese cars detected in Australia. Transparency of the Italian Lottery. Corruption scandals in the Czech Republic. Road-building project near Heviz, Hungary. Introduction of more flexible working hours in Greece. Forest fires in mainland Portugal. Drop in youth unemployment caused by people leaving the labour market. UN credibility questioned by Ban Ki-Moon. UN report on Iran’s nuclear capability. ;erez at the Fessenheim nuclear plant.

Construction of a refuse site at Piano dell’Olmo. State of Europe objectives: Current state of Europe objectives — Alentejo.

Current state of Europe objectives: Lisbon and Tagus valley region. Current state of Europe objectives — Northern Portugal. Commemoration of the Vajont disaster. Protection of the European emblem. Integration of the aviation sector into the ETS — commercial impact of retaliatory ufndusze by China.

Current state of play regarding the tax lease negotiations. EU Regulation on safety equipment: European ICT standards and intellectual property rights. Welfare of dairy cows — follow-up question.

Cat pound levelled by bulldozers. Risks to smokers from new-style cigarette packets. Amounts owed by Greek banks to the State stemming from the first support package.