Hi, I am thinking of buying a Faema e91 Diplomat for repair. It is the 2 grouphead version with manual dosing (only 1 button per head). Hi Guys Im looking a a 3grp faema on the bay and was wondering of they are any good, age i just bought it from the bay, faema e91 diplomat. Find great deals for Faema E91 Ambassador A2 Coffee And Espresso Maker – Black/Stainless. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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A1, La Ciplomat M32 Grinder: Will need to break out the Dolphin methinks. Persons who may have access to your personal data include authorised employees and external suppliers who have – if necessary – been named parties responsible for data processing where these provide service support. Electronic board shorted out but modified a Faema Diplomat board to fit. Slayer Steam Espresso Machine Group 2.

Cheers Melbuurn Most 3group machines you can install an element from the 2group model if you want to go down to 15A power. The control panel graphics, the evident FAEMA logo, the ergonomic filter-holder handles and the wide cup shelf are characteristic diplomatt in E91 design.

Especially for a 3 group. Any registered CoffeeGeek member can post replies.

On the drawing the E91 is way too different grouphead, but I think the portafilters are compatible for both? As though they’re a month or two old in a busy location. Im really looking for a unit that is truly portable, that is why the eu65i diploma The Company employs a vast range of security measures in order to optimise the protection, security, integrity and accessibility of your personal data.


That could be a LOT higher than that if that’s the case, and assuming the rollover is at Faems one more to fema might be the Kohler range out of the US, I used to work for a division of the importer years ago.

In Giugiaro’s artistic talent creates E91, an innovative and elegant product featuring the latest technology of the time, such as the auto-diagnostic system. Was yours the same as this unit?

Faema E91/A Diplomat espresso machine

Idle time certainly doesn’t hurt them, just be sure to give them a thorough cleaning in the burr chamber if they’re gunky looking. Inverter Gen sets typically produce cleaner power but both produce sine waves basics info here http: I just wondered and hope that someone may be able to assist or guide me in getting past my first hurdle.

So you do think it is much more complicated electronic and unreliable machine? Furthermore, the Faema E91 Ambassador A2 is very easily operated, allowing you to effortlessly make sensational coffee without a thought.

Even if the stated 7db is genuine most of these statements are very dubiousit represents an increase in sound level diiplomat slightly more than double.

Posted February 14, link I have no specific knowledge of that machine or grinder in terms of the value of any of the machines, etc, but I have some passing familiarity of both. Repaired a couple of Faema boards and one was a right mess with holes burnt through the cct board.

E91 Ambassador Synonymous with elegance and quality all over the world. The counters are really for maintenance purposes, not for life-use purposes. Same for most systems these days; unless ya handy with component level repair. No ratings or reviews yet. Any CoffeeGeek member can edit their own posts. Only moderators can delete posts.


Faema E91 Ambassador A2 Coffee And Espresso Maker – Black/Stainless

There’s virtually no 3 group that ISN’T a very high quality product, they’re industrial machines. The time now is The “inverter” generators produce closer to a sine wave and are a must to keep electronic bits happy. Generally by there nature and design some voltage spikes are possible with conventional Gen sets as there only real protection is a couple of filter Capacitors which do over time break down and may pose a risk to other electrical equipment.

Faema E91 Diplomat – 3 Group. The time now is I expect to replace the grinders as a matter of course. It looks exactly like this — http: Personally dont penny pinch on the genny.

Faema E91 Ambassador A2 Coffee And Espresso Maker – Black/Stainless | eBay

Answered the billion questions i threw at him, knew the answer to the issues with the machine and even invited me in for a coffee. If the boiler has ever being replaced, would that not change the build date?

I have also just started a restoration project for a E91 diplomat. If anyone needs it I can forward it on. Below are the storage periods relating to the above purposes: