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Buy DIN CORROSION PROTECTION; CHROMATING OF ALUMINIUM; PRINCIPLES AND METHODS OF TEST from SAI Global. Find the most up-to-date version of DIN at Engineering DIN Corrosion protection – Chromating of aluminium – Principles and methods of test. DIN › Complete Document History Corrosion protection .

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Surf Pass C Standard range product. It’s a liquid alkaline cleaner — etchant 500939 is used by immersion and spray plants, prior to further treatment such as chromating and chrome free coatings. Currently, nearly every chemical supplier provides a replacement for the chemical dij of some kind, however, as long as there is no uniform standard regarding the chromate replacement, as it is the dkn with the chromalising chromalising according to DINwage processors will don be able to provide an equivalent replacement for all customers.

Surf Strip Standard range product. The term chromalising describes the application of a protective layer in order to protect aluminium and zinc surfaces. DRM is included at the request of the publisher, as it helps them protect their copyright by restricting file sharing. No further surface protection on top of this layer is required. EcoClean AL Standard range product. Alural is the number one 550939 in powder coating: High-quality pre-treatment – All our Belgian production lines dispose over a fully automatic spray pre-treatment facility.

Surf Pass C is based on Mo complex salts and shows lower toxicity than chrome-free products based on Ti, Zr and Silanes. M Coat Standard range product. Because it can be used indoors and outdoors, after your aluminium has been powder coated. Yellow chromalising is certainly the most commonly used kind of chromalising. Aloclean D Standard range product. We have millions index of Ebook Files urls from around the world.


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The average chromalising time is roughly seconds. Therefore the directive now regulates that chrome VI may no longer be used in vehicles from the 1st of July Skip to main content. 509939

It is a product free of methylene chloride, phenols and cresols. Here the two most common ways of chromalising are presented:. Alox SP Standard range product.

Din 50939 pdf

There are various ways of chromalising. A further layer such as the powder lacquering increases the resistance of the surface protection system even further.

There the aluminium is degreased, pickled and passivated, in full correspondence with the DIN quality standard. Ask for rush delivery. It di the polyester powder coatings quickly, leaving no trace of them, making aluminum profiles, parts and metal objects ready to be reworked. Thus, it is in the applicator’s and supervisory authorities’ hands to observe and 50993 the applicable laws regarding handling chrome VI.

Yellow chromating – English

Minimizes the creation of deposits on heat exchange systems, as well on the surfaces of the installation. The coating of passivation is colorless. Just think of the fittings of windows, which to a large part are only chromalised.

Now the component parts are prepared for further surface treatments. We were one of the pioneers in the generally accepted Qualicoat quality label for powder coating.

Chrome VI is poisonous, but handling chrome VI is technically completely controllable. It prepares the surfaces ideally to further treatment such as Chromating and chrome free finishing. Chromalising is an independent ein against corrosion.

The protective layer is created from an acid and chrome VI mixture. The post extrusures are provided with symetrical fixing runners for the fitting of fixing nuts, giving a wide DIN Edition, September This way you can be sure that your powder coated profiles and plates will keep their colour and shine for a long time. Furthermore, super-durable and ultra-durable powder coating provide high UV resistance, exceptional longevity and colourfastness.


Powder coating

To this end we have got three chromalising baths, which may be used simultaneously, if required. Surf Pass C is a new generation, environmentally friendly conversion coating that replaces classic Chromating for Aluminium alloys and Zinc alloys.

It prepares the surfaces ideally to further treatment such as 500939 and Chrome free finishing.

Chromate coatings contain chromic acid. Languages fr en nl. Alochrom L Standard range product. M Coat is a new generation, environmentally friendly conversion coating suitable for Steel H. Various replacement substances for chrome VI, however, are still at the early stages of being researched regarding their potential risks for health and environment.

In addition, we continuously search for better compositions and spraying methods for our vin coating processes. Idn in the company Leistner We are specialists of chromalising aluminium and zinc-plated surfaces. We guarantee a proper coating of your aluminium products in our workshops: Specialised powder coating production fin – Our vertical production lines can handle 8 meter long profiles without problems, in a single powder coating process. Electrostatic coating EPS at a processing voltage of 30 to kV; or electro kinetic coating tribocharging.

Customised Wrapping of profiles Storage and transport.