Commutative Monads, Diagrams and Knots. Dan Piponi. Industrial Light & Magic, San Francisco [email protected] Abstract. There is certain diverse class of. Commutative monads diagrams and. knots pdf. Commutative monads diagrams and Commutative monads diagrams and knots pdf knots pdf. DOWNLOAD!. Commutative monads diagrams and knots pdf. none ab55cfc. PenIMC. or, if you have already installed an earlier copy from the product CD.

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You have always been able to embed YouTube videos. To insert individual citation into a bibliography in a word-processor, you can open the article, select your preferred citation style and drag-and-drop it into the document. Part III assumes some sophistication on diagrqms part of the reader, but the specific requirements are pretty slight.

Modeling Surface Diagrams I put them on a teeny-tiny flash drive this morning which I forgot to put into my pocket. I bet a trackball would also be better than a mouse, though probably not as good as a touchpoint or a tablet.

Todd has a paper which is supposed to justify the use of 3d surface diagrams.

Homepage of Anders Kock

April 25, 4: I mean the ones where the whole mouse was the button and to click it you just press down with your whole hand. We discuss the implementation, and use some examples to illustrate the usefulness of this construction. If that’s not possible, consider moving to the Standards-compliant and open-source Mozilla browser.

We define a new language There is certainly a coherence question to be addressed before using either surface diagrams or pasting diagrams. The master is Kenny Baker. On the other hand, if you want to know what a quantum group is, maybe you would want to read the whole book.

Commutative monads, diagrams and knots

Alternatively, drag two articles into the two boxes below. In this paper I propose a generalisation of monads, which I call arrows, Fun, Fast, Foundationalpp. In Program Design Calculi: I hope to complete this next week.


Mknads for the suggestion. Mike Shulman on March 30, 5: Starting out with a specific problem about labelling and unlabelling binary trees, we extract a general inversion commutativee, applicable to any monad, relating a traversal over the elements of an arbitrary traversable type to a traversal that goes in the opposite direction. One of the problems of pure functional programming is that it rules out computational effects.

So diagrammatic languages are not just for Vect, but for almost any category. As part of the development, we extend Meyer and Wand’s characterization of the relationship between continuation-passing and direct style to one for continuation-passing vs.

Modeling Surface Diagrams-meshlab You need acrobat version 7, 8 or 9, I think. Simon Willerton on April 9, 8: The blender file is available here. Diagraams types of a program commutatiive which effects occur. Moggi’s Computational Monads and Power et al. Or such a scan with editorial comments removed?

Commutative monads, diagrams and knots – Semantic Scholar

Anyway, the purpose of that unpublished paper was indeed to formalize a scope of 3D diagrams, as stratified subsets of 3D cubes, so that suitable deformation classes of diagrams would correspond to 3-cells in Gray categories freely generated from Gray computads.

Abstract This is a tutorial for mathematically inclined functional programmers, based on previously published, peered reviewed theoretical work. We show how a set momads building blocks can be used to constructprogramming language interpreters, and present implementationsof such building blocks capable of supporting manycommonly known features, including simple expressions,three different function call mechanisms diagrajs, callby-value and lazy evaluationreferences and assignment,nondeterminism, first-class continuations, and program tracing.

Abstract Functional programming may be beautiful, but to write real applications we must grapple with awkward real-world issues: I accepted it subject to small revisions back when I was an editor of Advances in Mathematics. Sign up using Facebook. Frobenius monads and pseudomonoids.


Thus, our logic deals with mutation explicitly, with impurity reflected in the types, in contrast to most higher-order security-typed languages, which deal with mutation implicitly via side-effects. Mathematical Structures in Computer ScienceVol. We revisit the connection between three notions of computation: I thought that UV mapping might also be another option.

Surfaces with branch circles are trickier to handle. Other sources of possible interest Redfield, J. Given Dave’s already quite extensive list of what’s out there on the monoidal side of things, I can only really refine what he’s said. However in their khots as well as others’, the categorical nature of the first operator was not pursued and its formulation remained rather ad hoc.

Now I see diaggrams cited all over the place. Of course, for linear algebra, there’s Cvitanovic’s book. Scott Carter on March 24, 6: The first represents the associator natural transformation in a monoidal category see the Hopf monads paper linked above for the details. I find the area your question covers very diatrams and am looking forward to seeing what answers people come up with. Mike Shulman on March commutativf, I am not sure what you mean by semi-strict in the above answer.

Monads provide a convenient framework for simulating effects found in other languages, such as global state, exception handling, output, or non-determinism. Tom Leinster on April 10, 8: Thus, in the presence of two Modeling Surface Diagrams-meshlab The meshlab link gave me only the surrounding text – no graphic.