An essay in epistolary form, c. 5, words, on the technique of electioneering, purporting to be addressed by Q. Tullius Cicero (1) to his brother Marcus Tullius. THE’COMMENTARIOLUM PETITIONIS’. The difficulty inherent in a discussion of the authenticity of any ancient work, and of the Commentariolum in particular. I. THE Commentariolum Petitionis is not in the Codex Mediceus of Cicero’s corre- spondence with his brother Quintus, but it appears at the end of the letters to.

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There will be no one, believe me, if he has anything in him at all, who will let slip this opportunity offered of establishing a friendship with you, especially when by good luck you have competitors whose friendship is one to be neglected or avoided, and who not only are unable petigionis secure what I am urging you to secure, but cannot even make the first step towards it.

A man who is held worthy of defending consulars cannot be thought unworthy of the consulship. It also seems possible that a “new man” may be much assisted by the fact that he has the good wishes of men of high rank, and especially of consulars. The content is divided into three sections: Unicode Buckwalter transliteration View by Default: Besides, it confers a great reputation and great distinction to be accompanied by those who by your exertions have been defended, preserved, and acquitted in the law courts.

And as you have never been in any matter importunate with them, so be careful that they understand that you have reserved for this occasion all that you consider them to owe you. Do you also do your very best, by every means in your power, to make such men attached to you from the bottom of their hearts and with the most complete devotion. Preparations for the Consulship, B. Tulli Ciceronis Epistularum Ad M. Hide browse bar Your current position in the text is marked in blue.

Many scholars believe that it was not in fact written by Quintus for the purposes proposed, but in fact by a Roman in the Early Roman Empirebetween the periods of Augustus and Trajanas a rhetorical exercise. That has ever carried with it very great political distinction.

And since I have mentioned “attendance,” I may add that you should be careful to see large companies every day of every class and order; for from the mere number of these a guess may well be made as to the amount of support you are likely to have in the campus itself.


Sign in to annotate. Again, the centuries of the knights appear to me capable of being won over, if you are careful, with considerably more ease.

Pompeius is strongly in your favour, and that it emphatically suits his purpose that you should win your election. Let them know that they are watched and scrutinized by you: With Vocabulary and Notes. Wherefore, since your reputation in this is your starting-point, since whatever you are, you are from this, approach each individual case with the persuasion that on it depends as a whole your entire reputation.

Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4.

On running for the Consulship

Let those who shall come to your house see that you notice it; shew your gratification to such of their commnetariolum as will repeat it to them; frequently mention it to the persons themselves. For the man who thinks that he is not giving satisfaction can never be a friend.

I cannot doubt that these men, from hope of your services in the future as well as from the benefits recently received, will be roused to active exertions. Original Language Translation Browse Bar: Jeffrey Tatum Clarendon Ancient History Series Includes a new English translation of the Brief Handbook alongside the Latin text as well as translations of Greek and Latin throughout, making the text accessible to readers unfamiliar with ancient languages Offers the first full-length commentary in English on this important work, covering not just its historical but petirionis its literary aspects Balances detailed historical information and textual analysis with background on Roman commentaruolum, canvassing, and the careers of Marcus and Quintus Cicero, enabling the volume to be equally useful to students and specialists.

It is, of course, of very great consequence not to go away anywhere; but the real advantage of such constant attendance is not only the being at Rome and in the forum, but the pushing one’s canvass assiduously, the addressing oneself again and again to the same persons, the making it impossible as far as your power goes for anyone to say that he has not been asked by you, and earnestly and carefully asked.

Commentariolum Petitionis – Wikipedia

The laudations of M. And comemntariolum the chief plague spot of our state is that it allows the prospect of a bribe to blind it to virtue and worth, be sure that you are fully aware of your own strength, that is, understand that you are the man capable of producing in the minds of your rivals the strongest fear of legal proceeding and legal peril.

VII A I, In all these classes alike consider and weigh carefully the amount of influence each possesses, in order to know both the kind of attention to pay to each, and what you are to expect and demand from each. See that those aids to natural ability, which Commentarilum know are your special gifts, are ready for use and always available; and remember what Demetrius wrote about the hard work and practice of Demosthenes; and, finally, take care that both the number commenariolum rank of your friends are unmistakable.


Cicero appointed Proconsul of CiliciaB.

L A II, XCIV F commentadiolum, 1. McDermott, “Commentariolum Petitionis 2,” Historia: Renewal of the Triumvirate at LucaApril, B. It often happens that people, when they visit a number of candidates, and observe that there is one who above the rest notices these petirionis, devote themselves to him; leave off visiting the others; little by little become devoted to cokmentariolum instead of being neutral, and from sham turn out real supporters.

For among its annoyances a candidature has this advantage: Please subscribe or login to access full text content. And speaking generally, since your candidature is most strongly supported by that class of friendships which you have gained as a counsel for the defence, take care that to all those, whom you have placed under this obligation to you, their duty should in every case be clearly defined and set forth.

As for “constant attendance,” there is no need of laying down any rule, the phrase speaks for itself. This text is part of: Those who either have gained or commentariolu, to gain the vote of a tribe or century, or any other advantage, through your influence, take all pains to collect and secure.

Access to the complete content on Oxford Classical Dictionary requires a subscription or purchase. Even “new men” who have been praetors I think, unless under great obligations to you, commentariolim not like to be surpassed by you in official rank. Letters in Volumes I-IV. Cicero’s later works may be the result of M.

Cicero being cmomentariolum by the letter from his brother. The National Endowment for the Humanities provided support for entering this text. A man who is held worthy of defending consulars cannot be thought commentadiolum of the consulship. The Design s of the Brief Handbook V. You have already won the city populace and the affections of those who control the public meetings by your panegyric of Pompey, by undertaking the cause of Manilius, by your defence of Cornelius.

Essay on Constitutions, Books VI.