The remarkable Clive Stafford Smith’s portrayal of the American judicial system is shocking and illuminating, writes Ed Vulliamy. An Atlantic Book of the Year and finalist for the Orwell Prize: a riveting true crime tale from the defense attorney who inspired John Grisham’s. Clive Stafford Smith. · Rating details · ratings · 23 reviews. A man wrongly condemned to death for murder, a crusading lawyer determined to free him.

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A damning indictment of the American legal system.

Refresh and try again. InKris Maharaj, a British businesman living in Miami, was arrested for the bru A man wrongly condemned to death for murder, a crusading lawyer determined to free him, an investigation that reveals corruption at every turn.

The learned adjudicator who later took the case on appeal had previously worked as the two main prosecutors’ boss, but this detail was not disclosed to the court. Interesting and well written “true crime” book in the “innocent convict” category.

Stafford Smith’s goes on for more than wmith pages that are almost as shocking as the body text, including such gems as a capital case in which the judge has to explain to the defence lawyer what was happening. The Parents Circle-Families Forum We worked together for a number of years representing prisoners sentenced to death in the South, primarily in Georgia and Alabama. Smith first recounts the facts of the case and the trial that condemned him to death — it seems pretty open and shut.

Step by step, Clive slowly dismantles the case, guiding us flive the whole scaffolding of the legal process and revealing a fundamentally broken system whose goal is not so much to find the right man as to convict. A Writer of Our Time. Heirs of the Founders. It takes him from Miami to Nassau to Washington as he uncovers corruption at every turn. Throughout, unsigned orders for Maharaj’s execution were drawn up before the sentence was delivered. Injustice has strengthened my opposition of the death penalty, and particularly the belief that everybody deserves a free trial.

Preview — Injustice by Clive Stafford Smith. Mr Stafford Smith has always been a hero as far as I’m concerned.

In the end, I suspect there was a collective sigh of relief from the White House that the lunatic fringe did not prevail. That that person is still in prison, but smifh no longer on Death Row is equally unbelievable, but Injustice exposes a legal system in which people are bred to be blinded by their knee-jerk acceptance of guilt and cannot see evidence of doubt if it were to approach them in a That someone can spend so many years in prison, a large number of these on Death Row awaiting a date injutsice that appointment with your legal murderer, when the evidence against you is so incredibly thin is beyond belief.


I like books with long Notes sections.

Injustice: Life and Death in the Courtrooms of America – review

Books by Clive Stafford Smith. Also the book discusses how the less money injstice have the more likely you are to be convicted mostly because of an attory’s incompetence. Jurors receive instructions that they are bounden by the law to decree staffodd — to do anything else would be an abrogation of its letter and spirit.

A bombshell whose final chapter should re-open a long closed case, The Injustice System will appeal to fans of true crime and anyone who has served on a jury. Views Read Edit View history. It makes you wonder how he could have carried on with this largely unpaid work for so many years.

John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group Natalie rated it stafforrd liked it Nov 20, InKris Maharaj was arrested in Miami for the murder of his ex- business partner. Guantanamo Bay and the Secret Prisons was published by Phoenix in By the end of the book you are tearing your hair out, willing someone, somewhere to come to their senses and free Kris before either he, or his devoted wife, Marita, dies of natural causes. Want to Read saving…. Clive Stafford Smith Refresh and try again.

Step by step, Stafford Smith untangles the Maharaj case and the system that makes disasters like this inveitable.

Als tegenstander van de doodstraf natuurlijk koren op mijn molen, maar vooral ook leerzaam om te zien hoe de schrijver die vele terdoodveroordeelden pro deo heeft verdedigd niet de schuld legt bij een ogenschijnlijk incompetente verdediger, rechter of jury, maar volledig bij het systeem. The disturbing and sad part is the highly credible portrait that Clive Stafford Smith paints of a deeply flawed justice system, riddled with incompetence and corruption, which sends large numbers of innocent people injudtice prison and to the death chamber.


Reading this book is a harrowing experience. That is the question that comes up again and again, throughout this terrible story. This shocking and fascinating book puts paid to the myth of the fairness injusticce the US judicial system, by again and again pointing out the overwhelming evidence that Mr Maharaj is in British businessman Kris Maharaj was convicted of a double murder in Florida in the late s and sentenced to death.

Open Preview See a Problem?

The Injustice System by Clive Stafford Smith | : Books

So, while Clive’s involvement with the case described in this book took place after he had left the Southern Center and we no longer worked together, and this case is not at all typical of the cas Interesting and well written “true crime” book in the “innocent convict” category.

This remarkable book reads like a page-turning detective story, with one crucial difference: A witness swore he saw him pull the trigger and a jury found him guilty and sentenced him to death. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. In JulyStafford Smith accused former Foreign Secretary David Miliband of “fighting tooth and nail” to prevent the release of vital documents during the Binyam Mohamed case.

Clive Stafford Smith

About Clive Stafford Smith Clive Stafford Smith is a criminal defense lawyer and founder of Reprieve, an organization that provides legal support to low-income prisoners accused of the most extreme crimes. In addition, he has also highlighted points such as the clivw failures of forensic evidence, the positive effects of some victim mediation processes etc that I previously had been ignorant of. Charles Michener and Peter Duchin.

Stafford Smith contributed to The Guardian with an opinion piece on the significance of the U. That December he prepared a page brief for the defense of Saddam Husseinarguing that the former dictator should be tried in the U. However I had promised to Read and Review this book so I picked it up again to give it another try and I am glad that I did.