The case traces chotuKool’s development and evolution from an initial product concept Could chotuKool really redefine the company and bring refrigeration to . Godard and Boyce: Checkout Case study Question and Answers Q 1. Assess the business case for Checkout. What are the critical success. chotuKool: “Little Cool,” Big Opportunity. chotuKool: “Little Cool,” Big Opportunity. case study. Rory McDonald · Derek C.M. van Bever · Efosa.

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Beyond its usefulness as a cooling mechanism, the Chotukool is also a source of pride. About the Authors Rory M. The needs and wants are different and so Is the Income. We involved BOP members in marketing, training, servile delivery and part of chorukool. Chotukool is NOT a refrigerator! Hence the untapped market was huge. Specifically designed BOP products with chotuoool technology and business model, low cost market development, skill development and embedded earning opportunities are essential for Inclusive Growth.

Which strategy gave them the best chance of success?

Checkout has an impressive product design. The concept was new and the strategies too for Godard.

Chotukool: Keeping things cool with frugal innovation

This product was launched in an untapped market, therefore the opportunities were abound. The entire event was co-created with the consumers and we got many insights. Cite View Details Purchase Related. VLFM has been a foundation course for us to learn the essential breakthrough skills.


This is a very useful tool in rural areas where there is a caae of power. It could become a symbolic example of an approach to address the larger issue of Inclusive Growth.

Chotukool was born with this inspiration and vision. Should Godard invest in this business or not? The women are close to the community to facilitate diffusion of idea.

The product was made according to the needs of the rural areas.

A low-cost solution to preserving perishable foods for longer periods, it is also creating new income-generating opportunities. How should Godard pursue its strategy for Checkout? Sunderraman and his team have found a way to penetrate an untapped market. The mention of specific companies or products of manufacturers does not imply that they are endorsed or recommended by WIPO in preference to others of a similar nature that are not mentioned. The pilot launch was in a village in Maharashtra where six hundred women gathered to learn about Chotukool.

Disruptive Innovation ; Consumer Products Industry. We also started the commercial sales. The pilots have now spread in a few other villages and the response remains very favorable.

There are many examples of barriers a company could use to protect itself from imitation, including intellectual property rights, complex internal routines or tacit knowledge. We can learn about it only by being with them and experimenting.

chotuKool: ‘Little Cool,’ Big Opportunity

This is what we call the just right philosophy. Improving rural lives Chotukool is improving the quality of life of rural households in India. For several small businesses like flower selling, snacks vending and small kiosk shops, Chotukool became an earning asset.


The market penetration for refrigerators in the urban market was 18 percent and in the rural market it was 2 percent.

Sunderraman predicts that the next version of Chotukool will bring cooling temperatures down to between 2 to 8 degrees — it casd be possible to store vaccines and other medicines.

This also depends the climatic conditions and lifestyle of the area. I am grateful to my company Godrej to give me this opportunity of life. Managing Religion in the Workplace: BOP is also a migrant population. The chothkool system dynamic model summarizes the essence.

Chotukool: Keeping things cool with frugal innovation

Chotukool is more than a breakthrough product or business. It chofukool on 12 V battery power and can carry a weight of liters. This created awareness and promoted the product effectively in its tagged market- the rural areas. They had various reasons but there was scope for innovation here as the market penetration for refrigerators in the villages was only two percent in Smart pricing and effective promotion involving the rural people created awareness for the product.

Every disadvantage in society today that is not served is a potential new business.