All the elements which make up the wayside signaling infrastructure play a vital role in system optimisation and passenger safety. Engineering and preventative maintenance servicing for CITYFLO solutions can be planned efficiently and in advance with EBI Tool Design and Maintenance. CITYFLO signalling is a CBTC system designed by Bombardier Transportation. It makes use of bi-directional radio communication between trains and.

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Meeting the capacity challenge Bombardier’s pioneering advances in communications-based train control CBTC systems are supporting system optimization and upgrades globally providing a new dimension in overlay capability and tackling the capacity challenge.

For years, Bombardier has been developing, engineering and installing advanced rail control systems. Diagnostics, engineering and maintenance Engineering and preventative maintenance servicing for CITYFLO solutions can be planned efficiently and in advance with EBI Tool Design and Maintenance which automatically provides a maintenance schedule for wayside equipment.

Complete system provider Bombardier is also an expert in providing fully integrated turnkey transportation systems from power supply to automatic fare collection and from passenger information to depot systems. For most transport authorities, disrupting passenger services to re-signal a line is not a viable option.

CBTC technology has been and is being successfully implemented for a variety of applications as shown in the figure below mid Which way to go?

The interlocking systems receive route-setting commands from the traffic management centre and then, safely lock the route ahead of the train, releasing it after the train passes. As with new application of any technology, some problems arose at the beginning mainly due to compatibility and interoperability aspects.

In a moving block system as shown in the second figure, the train position and its braking curve is continuously calculated by the trains, and then communicated via radio to the wayside equipment. The higher the GoA, the higher the safety, functionality and performance levels must be.


Moreover, it is important to highlight that not all the systems using radio communication technology are considered to be CBTC systems. By using this website without disabling cookies, you agree to our use of cookies. In addition, the CITYFLO solution can be gombardier as an overlay radio-based train control system to upgrade existing fixed block systems. The information needed from the track for the normalization of position errors is passed to the train through norming point balises located in the middle of the track at certain points.

Communications-based train control – Wikipedia

They range from some implementations with short track, limited numbers of vehicles and few operating modes such as the airport APMs in San Francisco or Washingtonto complex overlays on existing railway networks carrying more than a million passengers each day and with more than trains such as lines 1 and 6 in Metro de Madridline 3 in Shenzhen Metrosome lines in Paris MetroNew York City Subway and Beijing Subwayor the Sub-Surface network in London Underground.

Sitemap Terms of use Trademarks Privacy Cookie policy. This section needs to be updated. System redundancy and recovery mechanisms must then be thoroughly checked to achieve a high robustness in operation. The transmission of this data is made possible by the use of both the fibre-optic transmission system and the radio equipment.

This is due to the fact that it is impossible for the system to know exactly where the train actually is within these blocks.

Meeting the capacity challenge

Moving people worldwide For years, Bombardier has been developing, engineering and installing advanced rail control systems. If so, there is an increased risk of a single point of failure that could disrupt service over an bommbardier system or line.


The EBI Screen hombardier room can connect to auxiliary systems. This is because CBTC operates with less positional certainty than human sight and also with greater margins for error as worst-case train parameters are applied for the design e. Movement Authority MA is the permission for a train to move to a specific location within the constraints of the infrastructure and with supervision of speed [6].

Cityflo CBTC – Wikipedia

Train to track communication. This is usually more of an issue with applying CBTC to existing transit systems in tunnels that were not designed from the outset to support it. Capital Line Bojbardier Line.

Learn more in our Privacy Statement. This results in a reduced headway between consecutive trains and an increased transport capacity.

The evolution of the technology and the experience gained in operation over the last 30 years means that modern CBTC systems are more reliable and less prone to failure than older train control systems. Axle counter Track circuit Track circuit interrupter Treadle. We are experts in project delivery from research and product development to project management, engineering, safety assurance, testing and commissioning, maintenance and services.

In addition, the unique features of Bombardier’s CBTC solution means it can be used as an overlay system which results in no disruption to passenger services during migration and upgrades.

Track-to-train communication is achieved via state-of-the-art wireless technology to provide bi-directional communication.