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Many thanks to RFBurns for finding an answer to a problem with the FM02 datasyeet better still, supplying a fix for it. That is solved with filter caps but in my case I did not need to filter as the output seems to be clean.

Crystal Oscillator – Oscillator that uses a crystal to generate a frequency. I have found this issue common on many different makes of transmitters using the BH FM chip and no capacitor used to adjust the pilot level at Pin My unit has developed an audible buzzzzz over the last week. PLL takes a frequency of VCO, divides it into a lower frequency which can be compared with a stable reference oscillator.

If there is enough VSWR present along the RF chain, it can cause junky audio and cruddy stereo separation and harmonic distortions causing the sidebands of the modulation to spit and splatter far beyond the Khz deviation, just basically sounding like garbage.

ROHM Co. BH Datasheet.

The stereo coder uses a lot of parts, doesn’t it? I was unable to attach the crkt. Arduino Prototype uses all standard through-hole components for easy construction, two of which are hidden underneath IC socket.

Datasheett have been a few changes over the years to the FM02 so I’m curious if any of them ever had the capacitor.

Has anyone been able to look at the FM02 and determine if what I’ve wondered from the online pictures are vias are actually viable connection points to pin 19, rather than having to solder directly to the IC lead?


I really hope I’m doing something wrong. Dztasheet this lead is too long, it will pick up and inject clock pulse noise onto the pilot carrier.

And in no way am I suggesting anyone here has not done a thorough job in attempting to find the causes of the problems. I could be wrong here but I don’t think it’s a antenna problem because the rubber ducky test antenna does the same thing but in much shorter distances of course. Don’t be unhappy with your FM I’m wondering if sometimes too much information can become a sort of red herring that sends non-technical people in all directions other than perhaps what’s important, which is to get the darned show going, and that has just 4 simple steps as it relates to an FM transmitter: I would go bg1415 the latter because all that hissing over driven pilot level is also decreasing your datasheer power and reducing your datashert anyway.

Crazy thing is that between the power supply swap and moving it upstairs my sound quality has improved considerably. Is there a problem leaving the 8V power supply on it this season? Process of elimination is the best tool to finding out what’s going on.

The down side to switchers is that some can have output “ripple” because of the switching technology. Bg1415 was crystal clear with it but is only 8V mA.

Rohm BHFV FM transmitter

As well as the final RF output section, which has NO low pass filter!! So moral here is either hassy hissy stereo at a distance, or excellent clean smooth sounding stereo audio within the intended range of these low power devices. Bbh1415 worry about the current rating of your 12 volt supply. I am starting to look into that now. Yeah the new rds one has been giving me problems since the beginning; when it works it’s more clear, but that is when it works.


But if datawheet would like to talk about engineering consulting for a KW blow torch or 50KW flame thrower just ask or shoot an email. Good thing the FM02 doesn’t output in the watts range! They all appear to use a 7. You are the man!

Alright sorry it took a min, I had to run to my storage unit and get a battery but phewww that seemed to clean the sound up nicely so xatasheet I need to figure out what all I need to get for the wall wart. A little bit of basics of FM stereo transmission. Well it uses the crystal I use a wall wart with some extra caps just before the power goes to the radio.

【BH1415 ROHM】Electronic Components In Stock Suppliers in 2018【Price】【Datasheet PDF】USA

How do I physically connect a uF cap between pin 19 and ground? Secondly, lose the PC power supply. Experimentation may be required in finding the value of the adjustment capacitor for the FM02 unit. I run one that works mostly perfectly, and from being on these forums for a little over a year, it seems like they are very popular here.

The circuit includes an auto ranging as well as reset switch and produces very accurate and stable readings. I tried the FM02 but had problems just my unit, I know others have used them successfully, and ukewarrior has been very helpful with the group buys and support.

If the pin is connected to a surface chip cap, this cap may be open or has changed value thus the 19Khz level is still too high. Of course the other way to check is with a deviation meter or modulation monitor and check for the 19Khz pilot tone level.