The Bedini SSG is one types of magnetic motor generators based on zero point Keyword-Component: Bedini SSG circuit operation; Bifilar. Below is the circuit I have been using. This is the basic Bedini SSG (Simplified School Girl) motor. The only difference in my circuit is I am using a 2N I have been researching on Bedini circuits, mostly the simple one (SSG located here ). I worked out in many.

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The answer is that the battery is desulphated.

The wall charger is fine. Material needs to be non-metallic, non-magnetic, and adequately sturdy. Resources for History, Theory, Advancement and Application. I did not have meters and gauges at that time so I never tested it out. Cathode Ray test charts. Additional construction details are found here: If you don’t have the time no worries. Newer Post Older Post Home. Put an voltmeter across the lightbulb. Below is the circuit I have been using.

This was a nice intro to bedini type chargers. Please advise me and domo arigato! Therefore the student must let go of previous theories, avoid urges to change the system to charge in an accustomed manner, and examine the phenomenon as it actually appears.


Bedini SSG Circuit

I tried something similar a couple of years ago but my reed switch was on the outside of the coil and it kept latching and burning up. Accumulations of lead sulphate are stripped from the battery plates, allowing the battery to perform better.

Well this might be the basics one of the ‘new ways’. In one of your schematics you show the bicycle wheel with magnets but in your setup you are not using a rotating wheel if I understand correctly? Twofold Purpose of this Experiment: But that is about the only difference. Very interesting i think their will be a limit to how many batteries you can add on for charging by the strength of the pulses you are producing from your powerful battery bank!!

Also, overpowering inductive systems result in a phase shift of current, the voltage appears across the inductor followed by a phase shifted current. See the diagram below. Rumkorf Coil induction coil. The better shape the back battery is the better it will take the charge and that’s the ONLY thing we are after in this experiment.

I feel this may be at play as well. John Bedini Discussion threads relating to John Bedini. I was about to ask myself if a change in the Freq does change anything.

John Bedini Simplified School Girl basic plans

Set it to where the mechanical efficiency of the motor peaks out at 75ma input current or below. We are now recovering from many things. Now measure the power in joules or watt-sec that you took out of the secondary battery. Just put one battery on the back end circiit one on the front. Some of the parts are flexible.


Instructions Medium Resolution Video of the Presentation for high speed: The resonance pops in and out, yet I was able to charge a 12 volt motorcycle battery from another motorcycle battery without a heat bedinii on the transistor.

Something else about the Reedswitch, they should work too, when you only bring them with one End into the Field, because the Metal inside will magnetize and make a Contact.

I am encouraging everyone to CONTINUE to see this experiment through if you have begun it, even if you want to change things after viewing everyone else’s numbers. Howard Johnson magnetic motor. In the interest of educating as many people as possible without undue demands on the volunteer moderators, please rely on the public information sources that have been provided.