Title, Artephii Liber Secretus. Author, Artephius. Translated by, William Salmon. Published, Length, 10 pages. Export Citation, BiBTeX EndNote RefMan. Secret Book (liber Secretus). Front Cover. Artephius. English Grand Lodge, Rosicrucian order, AMORC – Alchemy – 52 pages. Salmon, William, , Khālid ibn Yazīd al-Umawī, 7th cent., Jābir ibn Ḥayyān., Artephius. Liber secretus artis occultae. English., Flamel, Nicolas, d.

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Please go to http: Add to bookbag Search this text: Medicina practica, or, Practical physick shewing the method of curing the most usual diseases happening to humane bodies Liber secretus artis occultae. The Golden work of Hermes Trismegistus. The Second Book of Hermes Trismegistus. The Alchymick Secrets of Kalid Persicus. The Summ of Geber Arabs. The Second Book of Geber Arabs. The Secret Book of Artefius Longaevus. The Hieroglyphicks of Flammel. Roger Bacon’s Radix Mundi. George Ripley’s Medulla Alchymiae.

Diseases of the Breast. Of Abortion or Misearriage. Loss of the Use of Limbs. Of the Cholick or Belly-ach. Of an Hysterick Cholick. The Preface Explicating, in part, the Prima Materia. The First Exposition of the Matter. The Names and First Operation Explicated. A Continuation of the Explication of the First Operation. A Dialogue between Hermes and his Son. The Philosophick Riddle laid down after a new Manner. The Practical part of the Philosophick Work. The Practical part farther Explicated.


The Praxis exemplified from the Nature of Leven and Paste. The Nature of the Ferment farther Explicated. The Smaragdine Table of Hermes. The Enterance into the Work, beginning with Argent Vive. The Difference of the Ferments, and Quality of the Spirit.

That the Beginning of this Work is in the Blackness swcretus Darkness: The remaining Operations, and conclusion of this whole Work. Of the Difficulties of this Art.

Of the latter two Operations, viz. Of the Nature of Things appertaining to this Work: Of Decoction, and its Effects.

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Of the Fire fit for this Work. Of the Separation of the Elements. Secretua the Commixtion of the Elements which were separated. Of the Solution of the Stone compounded, and Coagulation of the Stone dissolved. A farther Explication of this matter. The Key which opens the Mystery of this Grand Elixir.

Liber secretus artis occultae. English

An Introduction into the whole Work. Of the Alchymie of Sulphur. Arttephius the Alchymie of Arsenick. Of the Alchymie of the Marchasite. Of the Alchymie of Magnesia, Tutia, and other Minerals. Of the Alchymie of Saturn. The Alchymie of Jupiter. Of the Alchemy of Mars. Of the Alchymie of Venus. Of the Alchymie of Luna. Of the Alchimie of Sol. Of the Alchymie of Mercury. The Introduction to this Second Book.

Of Sublimation, Vessels, Furnaces. Of Descension, and the way of Purifying by Pastils. Of Distillation, Causes, Kinds, and Fornaces.

Of Solution and its Cause.

Of Coagulation, and its Causes. Of Fixation, and its Causes. Of Ceration, and its Cause. Yet that we have One only Medicine for both, which is most perfect. Of the three Orders of the Medicine. How Ingression is procured. Of Cementation, and its Causes. The Examen by Ignition. The Examen by Fusion or Melting.

The Exlmen by Vapors of acute things. A Recapitulation of the whole Art. The Preface to the Reader. The Secret Book of Artephius. Of other Operations of our secret Mineral Water, and its Tincture. Of what Substance Metalls are to consist in order to this work. Of scretus wonderful things done by our Water in altering and changing Bodies.


Of the Separation of the pure Parts from the Impure. Of the Soul which is extracted by our Water, and made to ascend. Of Digestion, and how the Spirit is made thereby.

Of the three kinds of Fires of the Philosophers sexretus particular. Of the Multiplication of the Philosophick Tincture. Of Sublimation in particular, and Separation of the pure from the impure.

Of the Signs of the end of the Work, and the perfection thereof. The beginning of Flammel’s Book, which is the Peroration of the Whole. And of the Book of Abraham the Jew. Of the Projection which he and libfr Wife made upon Mercury, and the Hospitals, Chappels, and Churches, which they built, with other Deeds of Charity which they did.

The Philosophical Interpretation, according to the Mind of Hermes. Of the two Dragons of a yellowish blue, and black colour, like the Field. Flammel’s Summary of Philosophy.

Of Mercury, the Second Principle of the Work. Of the Conjunction of the Principles, in order to this great Work. Of the Philosophers Fire, the kinds and Artephiuus thereof. Of the Various Signs Appearing in every Operation. Of the Multiplication, or Augmentation of our Medicine, by Dissolution. Of Projection, and how it is to be performed upon the Metals.

Of the Compleatment, or Perfection of the whole Work. Of the nearest Matter, out of which the Elixir is drawn or made.