Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. The lack of music as well as emotional depth mars Angel-Seeker – Kindle edition by Sharon Shinn. Download it. Angel-Seeker is a science fantasy novel by American writer Sharon Shinn, published in It is the fifth novel in the Samaria series. It is set shortly after. Angel-Seeker is the sequel to Sharon Shinn’s wonderful novel, Archangel. Shinn’s subsequent books in this series, Jovah’s Angel, The Alleluia.

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Again Shinn does not moralise or lecture. All of the books are fully stand-alone stories. I love coming back to the world of Samaria, and the fact that this book takes up the story of a beloved side character from the first novel Archangel and is set soon after the events of that novel is another reason I enjoyed this book so much.

Her Jansai are rotten through and through, with all the men ranging between bad and horrible, and that’s just unreasonable to me. There had been some major change in the world, and I was left wondering what was going to happen next. Rebekah’s story is so strong, and Shinn gives us what feels like real understanding of what might tie a woman to her home even though she knows it’s a prison, even as she’s driven from it. The two women’s stories bring them inexorably to a meeting. And since the alternative is throwing himself off a cliff from despair and boredom, he agrees to the Archangel’s demand.

What a blessed relief that is! Samaria Series If all romance books were like these, I might consider myself to be a fan of romance novels in general. I also felt sorry, for the first time, for the Jansai women. And when she finds an injured angel near her village, she defies her upbringing to care for him. It was exciting and suspenseful and I had to go on to see how these characters would fare.


In that time, the women who crave the attentions of angels were known as angel-seekers – a term used with awe by some, and scorn by others. I was thrilled to get to know him better and hopefully see him with his own happy ending.

The Jansai are one of the many cultures populating the world of Samaria, and they seem to be remarkably similar to certain Earth cultures, particularly in how they treat their women.

Until she finds a wounded angel that is Sreker has a way with words and people can’t help but like him. I wanted to learn more things about Samaria and more about dynamics between angels and humans but there are still three more books in the series. Will any of your books ever be made into movies?

The history and stories of this land she’s created are utterly compelling. At twenty, Rebekah is old to be unmarried. Like in the previous book, Alleya must find her predestined mate – but Jehovah does not know his name, identifying him only as “son of Jeremiah. They are wholly different stories and do not need to be read in sequence, but a couple of characters make appearances between books, which might make it more enjoyable to read them in the order that they were published. Retrieved from ” https: I wasn’t sure I’d like her – I don’t like fortune hunters – but she grew on me pretty quickly; her story arc is about discovering that riches simply don’t compare to valuing her own self worth and being truly valued by others, instead of just being used.

Because of the nature of their interactions, everything is played out in little snatches of time, brief moments in which they are able to be together.


Jul 07, Drduby rated it liked it. This one is set far before all the other books.

However, the clear hero, the upstanding and just Jared, will make things right, if he can ever stop being too lazy to bother.

Meanwhile – a big issue is going on.


April 3, Publication Date: Books by Sharon Shinn. He was a big jerk though, so the reader is sure she will get over him. I don’t know how I seeier about that. She is determined to marry an angel and give birth to an angel child.

Angel-Seeker by Sharon Shinn | : Books

She cares for her baby brother and does household tasks, but otherwise she has a good deal of unoccupied time. All in all, a very satisfying installment in what has become one of my favorite series. The music so important to Samaria doesn’t ring out—neither of sharno women sings—and with three protagonists and two love stories, the novel covers perhaps too much ground.

Angel-Seeker Samaria, Book 5 Author s: So yes, there are flaws in the story. I loved it, of course. Angels are biologically altered humans. Also, I think I’d love to read a book set during the time when the settlers first came to Samaria.


I think the plotlines were just getting too similar. Then the fourth book jumped to a time long before the first, and then this one was just after the first. And then rejected it.