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The first real naval engagement between the Muslim and the Byzantine navy was the so-called Battle of the Masts Dhat al-sawari or Battle of Phoenix off the Lycian coast in Khilafat Wa Mulukiyyat Caliphate and the Monarchy.

Muawiyah I – Wikipedia

After the peace treaty with HasanMuawiyah turned his attention back to the Romans. Muawiyah muaiwya reported to have said: He expanded the frontiers of the empire, reaching the very gates of Constantinople at one point, though the Byzantines drove him back and he was unable to hold any territory in Anatolia.

In a manner similar to Byzantine administrative practices, Muawiyah instituted several bureaucracies, called divansto aid him in the governance and the centralization of the caliphate and the empire. Abdullah ibn Zubayr, who could see troubles ahead after the death of Muawiyah and was opposed to the appointment of Yazid, later said of Muawiyah: It is based on when it was written and who wrote it and where.

The postal system, which was created by Omar ibn al Khattab for military use, was now opened to the public by Muaiwya. Extend to him a free hand [literally, a long rope ], and let him roam the earth as he pleases. The locals mistrust of their governor ran particularly deep.

Muawiyah I

Theophanus also referred to Umar ibn al-Khattab as “Primus inter pares”. Chasing a mirage the tragic illusion of an Islamic state. This section may lend undue weight to certain ideas, incidents, or controversies.


The deliberations between Muawiyah and the people took place in the community mosque, where the people were free and unconstrained towards the khalif. All he would say was “Allah has decreed that you will continue to disagree and Allah will judge between His creatures concerning that about which they disagree.

Love for the Beloved Rasool: Archived March 24,at the Wayback Machine. He picked out the best leaders from various tribes whereas elsewhere in the umawiya the military units were still based along tribal lines.

Hazrat Ameer Muawiya

Muawiya and his governors maintained an open muxwiya for people to come in and eat. By Allah, while taking charge of your government I was not unaware of the fact that you are unhappy over my taking over of government and you people don’t like it.

Tarikh Kamilvol.

Their troops confronted xmeer other in the Battle of Siffin inwhich was nuawiya resolved by negotiations. Notable among the Companions who were killed by Muawiyah’s forces in the battle of Siffin was Ammar ibn Yasiran old man of 95 at the time of his death.

Because of this Muawiyah passed through al-Madinah on his way back from Makkah upon completion of his Umrah Pilgrimage where he summoned each one of the five aforementioned individuals and threatened them.

Hazrat Sayyiduna Ameer Muawiya

After Caliph Uthman was assassinated inhis successor Ali failed to arrest and punish the perpetrators. Muawiyah warned his son Yazid that Muqwiya, the younger brother of Hasan ibn Ali, would potentially be a problem for the dynasty.


Do not harm him, yet show him the thunder and lightning [of your anger]. Muawia bin Irtat; Tarikh Ibn Asakir, vol. During the time of Abu Bakr, Muawiyah used to serve under his brother Yazid ibn Abi Sufyan not to be confused with Muawiyah’s son Yazid ibn Muawiya who was the caliph during the period in which Husain ibn Ali was martyred at the Battle of Kerbala.

That was not a fault nor a loss. Harvard University Press; 6 October He had opposed Uthman. But Muawiyah felt that after his conversion to Islam, for over 20 years, he had been the governor of Syria and expanded the state, confronted the Romans, built up a good administration, a good economy and therefore felt that people should not resent his past.

Nisa’i and Muslim narrate a Sahih hadith, wherein Muhammad summoned Muawiyah who snubbed him and continued eating his meal — Muhammad then cursed Muawiyah with the words: The Kalb tribe had remained largely neutral when the Muslims first went into Syria.

Muawiyah governed the geographically and politically disparate caliphate, which now spread from north Africa in the west to Afghanistan in the east, by strengthening the zmeer of his allies in the newly conquered territories.