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All rights reserved to the editor. The reproduction, translation, microfilming as well as storing and processing of data in electronic systems are liable to prosecution. Illegal for sale outside the following countries: Although the volume of data incorporated has more than doubled, ECA was able, thanks to space-saving computer typesetting, to keep the number of pages of the “cmos ” and thus its price from becoming daun- ting.

BD Datasheet, PDF – Qdatasheet

If you’d care to compare it to the old edition, the first thing 4066bs notice is how the Japanese manufacturers are crowding the market; an in- dication that the cmos series obviously still has a future after having been pronounced on its way out quite a few times.

Unfor- tunately, the sales strategy of Japanese IC manufacturers is better than their documentation, as evident from the many “holes” in the data tables. We have kept to the tried-and-tested concept of cmos: Section 1 provides the functional list of contents, basic explanatory data regarding the cmos series and the list of manufacturers.

Section 2 covers the salient critical and characteristic data for dif- ferent supply voltages, pin configurations and partial internal cir- cuiting, as well as the static and dynamic-logic behaviour of the cir- cuit. However, the concept of “cmos ” does not allow pages and pages of descriptions of complicated interrelationships regarding such special circuitry datashret PLL switching circuits. But this is no drawback in our datasheeg, since the development engineer has to resolve to the data sheet of the specialist manufacturer, in any case, when applying such IC’s.


Section 3 presents the dimensioned outline drawings, datashewt these dimensions may sligthly differ from one manufacturer to another, center-spacing and material being the deciding factors here in any case for the user.

Not included in “cmos ” are switching circuits which are logic and pin compatible with the Series 74 which also finds expression in their designation e. You will find these circuits in the ECA cookbook “ttl 74”. However, you will find a “TC74HCF” in this editions of “cmos ” datashest, since its pin configuration is the same as that of the Series Despite advanced data basing and photo typesetting techniques the Publisher must, of course, reserve the right, as in any extensive data compilation such as this, to errors excepted.

Pd Typical quiescent power.

The indicated values relate to the applied supply voltage. Reaction of the output voltage to the input voltage: Differences between unbuffered fatasheet buffered series 3. Reaction of output voltage on input voltage: Used by Used, for instance, by Fair- Motorola and National.

Main protective measures Many methods – some of them quite exotic – have been described in technical literature with respect to the protection of CMOS ICs from static charges.

However, the CMOS series has reached such a level of design perfection see the internal protective systems described above that, under normal circumstances, observance of the following is sufficient: Keep ICs on conductive cellular material or metal. Only solder with grounded soldering tool. Do not insert or remove when live. As opposed to the TTL series, all of the inputs must be wired up. Explanatory information on the function groups: R and S work independent from clock signal asynchronous.

For logic tables see section 2. Datashet tables see section 2. D-Flipflops D T Dattasheet “B teo The data applied at D 4066vd transferred to Q when the clock level changes J or 1 depending on positive or negative edge triggered circuit design or as long as the clock level is in the appropriate mode D latch.

Refer to logic table of type concerned to see which case applies. The length of thisjpulse is determined by the external 44066bd of C and R. R returns the flipflop to the stable position irrespective of the state of the inputs A and B.


Datasheet archive on 18-1-2013

Arrow in- dicates output carrying a H potential in the stable position. Abbreviations used in data tables 8. LH side general information and maximum ratings: Type The type designation, which is usually identical to the ordering designation. For complete designations and address, see list following table of contents. B Pin qty-style-drwg No.

Should P tot differ in partial areas within the this range, value stated is always the lowest for P tot. RH side characteristic data: U dd Applied supply voltage at which the subsequent characteristic data are applicable. Pin designations do not always coincide with actual pin drwg 406bd to lack of space; however, E is generally input, T is datasheet clock input, Q an output see also diagram on right.

Definition of transition time and propagation delay time: Abbreviations in the connection drawings Special abbreviations used in the logic tables: Inputs on counters, shift registers, decoders, etc.

Outputs of 7-segment decoders, see figure below. Bl Digit blanking input.

J Transition from L to H. B ut Borrow output. DP Decimal point output of 7-segment decoders. FQ Enable output for cascading. J,J1,J2 J inputs on flipflops. K,K1,K2 K inputs on flipflops.

LT Lamp test input on 7-segment decoders. State or function depends on other parameters and is therefore MEM Memory. MR Master reset for all units.

Practical Electronics/IC/4066

Data outputs on decimal decoders. R Reset input, general. RO Input reset to zero. R9 Input reset eatasheet nine. RBI Ripple 4066bd input on 7-segment decoders. Qn Status of output at time t n. RBQ Ripple blanking output for cascading. RD Read enable input. On Output Q toggles.

S Set input, general. Designation of outputs on I I 7-segment decoders: Mat Matsushita Denshi Kogyo Co. Tokyo 1 13 Natsuma Bldg. D Berlin 31, Kurfurstendamm Japan: PD Type Man Sec. I ,” , I These values are thus to be understood as mean values, unless stated otherwise. All dimensions in millimeters mm 8-Pin dual-in-line plastic IL— 7.